The happy meeting between creativity and the web: use instructions

Finally today May 20, 2014 my new site has been completed, is online and can be viewed on all devices.

It ' been a difficult job especially in the choice of images and a style that would give a sense of cleanliness , modernity , and above all that represent me. The choice of images has led to a complex job because there are thousands of images of 30 years of honorable service. I would have liked to publish more , but in the end the good thing too , so I have tended to emphasize the category of steel appliances that, over the past 15 years, was the area where I expressed myself better .

Many images are unpublished research, and slept in some forgotten folder on the server.

The site basically contains 3 main Portfolio in turn divided into sub- galleries.
Opening a sub gallery appear thumbnails of all the images and a description of the work (customer, technique , use, etc. ) . I have included a number of social links so you can directly share and comment on the favorite gallery.

The Portfolio no. 3 I love him so special because each image is a mixture of technique, precision and so much pride.

I thank my wife Francesca and Agostino Zanutto for their professionalism in making the site and the small hours they have done to get a good result. E ' a site that may seem "simple" but hides many pitfalls. So if you notice that some function does not " run" correctly " if you tell me (giving me much detail as possible) we'll fix.

Anyway we arrived at the end and now await your positive and negative comments .

Colleagues say : Try to do better because we can stimulate our work and enjoy doing it because this is our added value!

Enjoy the show!

Paolo Poli

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