A fraction of a second

These days, reloading my site , I've seen running in front of me thousands and thousands of images that sometimes remember and sometimes they were lost in the maze of memory, rivedendole I came back to mind : the idea , the customer , the set , shooting, moods ... Yes! because behind every picture there is a story, not only of the specific shot but the moment that you are experiencing.

Covering the images stored here resurface the photographs taken for Gianfrannco Ferre and reviewing some work I was reminded of a memory ... in a plane trip made ​​with him in 1993 from Milan to Vienna for the press world presentation of the perfume Ferré By Ferre for which I had only made ​​the image of the pack of perfume without any specific layout by the agency while the image of the campaign had been made ​​for the occasion by Maisel .

By plane Ferre wanted to meet me in person and asked me a question : Why you have photographed the new fragrance with this shot and with this light?

Answer ( embarrassed and pleased at the same time ) because His face is the same as your new perfume. He remained a bit ' puzzled and then said : Bravo I'll remember it .. I thanked him and went back to my place.

After three years , I received a phone call away: he was, Gianfranco Ferre himself, asked me to make a new  ADV campaign for the new fragrance GIEFFEEFFE and I thought immediately to another packaging .... I was wrong , in fact the idea , already approved related to the image of Campaign and involved the use of three models . I did not feel up to it, my legs gave way, I needed salt ... so in shock .. or better the alternative was to imagine 3 people in the shape of the bottle ... I could not do ! What to do? Reject ? The answer was peremptory , basically a cold shower " you can not shoot anyone but only the people with whom he has feeling ... " OK , and I thought I have to find patterns that remind me a bottle .. ☺ It was true !

I do not consider myself a fashion photographer , people scare me , it is no longer a relationship between me and the subject in which I have a duty to find a meaning in the context of a broader concept signifier. People talk about with your eyes, with your body, tell a story and if you are not able to take it is as if shot an empty shell.

These days I have had the opportunity to see the picture of the Queen Elizabeth II photographed by David Bailey in w&b and I was admiring this photo for several minutes. Was able to capture with a click, an expression of the Queen with her eyes that tells all of his years ! Who knows what He told she to be able to take that expression ! . That's for me these are MASTERPIECES that only a few know how to achieve photographers on the fly. There is no need to talk .. there is a feeling like brain happens to me photographing inanimate objects : I watch them , watch them , ride around them .. They must arouse an emotion .
Sometimes they are the objects or people that seem to me to tell me : shot me from here .... And I, in the end , I do .. then maybe do another 10 shots (most suitable for logic or technical ) but in 99% of cases the shot done with the HEART is the perfect one that best represents the idea.

Think about it ... after making a clicking sound that you like and that you feel worthy of being remembered , try to take it back in the hands of the past time and you will see that only a few retain their soul is trapped in that one split second imprinted in time!

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