I started my career as a photographer in 1981. Fundamental to my training was a workshop with Nino Mascardi from which I understood essentially a taste for curiosity to 360 degrees, from which I learned to love the light because it informs every object , from whom I learned that nothing in life , and of course in every photo shoot, must be left to chance.

Almost always prefer analog photography although I must admit it is not for the quality ( at least for the ¾ of the uses we make of it ), but for the study of the frame, for the time of reflection that precedes it, for the care and concentration that you put in each metal box .

It is certainly a great convenience digital but I should be used sparingly so as not to make the images all at the same level and not in tramutarci players in the series.

My 35 years of experience can be divided into three main periods:

  • 80 years of field research more suited to my way of photographing , with various experiments ( still-life , fashion, food).
  • 90 years leap commercial because I start working for major Italian and European agencies are the years of the great advertising campaigns worldwide.
  • Since 2000, working almost exclusively with direct clients I specialize in particular materials, steel, glass and water, these are the years in which the editing comes more and more in the set. The director never see behind the car shooting or editing video . MA must observe all !

I am interested in a lot of so-called conceptual image where the technique (the school and teach the curiosity .... ) merges with the creative and the lighting becomes a communication tool; historical images are so light that marked the path of companies like Franke spa, Indesit Company or Alpes Inox Etc , I really like photographin

elements as fast as liquid, fumes etc of which I try to understand the behavior , color, transparency . My ability to fix photographically , often in a large format camera , fast events , joining technique , tricks and electronic processing remains to date characterizing element of my images.

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