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Finally today May 20, 2014 my new site has been completed, is online and can be viewed on all devices.

It ' been a difficult job especially in the choice of images and a style that would give a sense of cleanliness , modernity , and above all that represent me. The choice of images has led to a complex job because there are thousands of images of 30 years of honorable service. I would have liked to publish more , but in the end the good thing too , so I have tended to emphasize the category of steel appliances that, over the past 15 years, was the area where I expressed myself better .

Many images are unpublished research, and slept in some forgotten folder on the server.

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A fraction of a second


These days, reloading my site , I've seen running in front of me thousands and thousands of images that sometimes remember and sometimes they were lost in the maze of memory, rivedendole I came back to mind : the idea , the customer , the set , shooting, moods ... Yes! because behind every picture there is a story, not only of the specific shot but the moment that you are experiencing.

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